Inspired by the women who inspire us, we are dedicated to building a better world, one piece at a time.
MYKA is an environmentally conscious, female-led fashion company based in Switzerland. Collaborating with designers and manufacturers who share our values, our goal is to empower and inspire women to embrace a sustainable lifestyle without sacrificing their passion for fashion.
"Meet Elizabeth and Edelyn, our experienced seamstresses with 22 years in the industry."
We don't just embody our vision through our garments; we also celebrate women worldwide who tirelessly support their families and communities. That's why we've teamed up with local communities in the Philippines to provide opportunities for mothers to showcase their unique creative talents. Many of the designs you see, from our clothes to accessories, have been handcrafted by local craftswomen in their homes. This demonstrates how fashion can empower rather than exploit. As a female-led company, we strongly believe in supporting and collaborating with other women-led brands that share our core values of sustainability, preservation, and empowerment. Through these partnerships, we push the boundaries of sustainable fashion and aim to inspire a generation of female entrepreneurs.
Our product line not only showcases the exceptional skill of women but also embodies our vision for the future of fashion.
We produce our products on the islands of the Philippines, promising sustainability and a fashion statement that matches your personality. While MYKA provides the vision, our women partners bring it to life with their creativity and dedication.
Each garment produced by MYKA is the result of the tireless efforts of homemakers, bringing high-quality fashion to you from their own homes or community halls.