Empowering Education through Your Purchase.
Every product you buy from us contributes to our mission of providing education for underprivileged children. Currently, we are proud to support 10 Native Mangyan tribe students on the island of Oriental Mindoro, Philippines, in their schooling by granting them full scholarships. Our company's fund plays a crucial role in making this possible. Our ultimate goal is to extend this opportunity to more less fortunate kids, as we deeply believe in the transformative power of education.
"Meet our first 10 Scholars"
The inspiration behind our initiative stems from the childhood experiences of our brand owner, who witnessed many children in her village unable to attend school because they were often required to assist their parents in earning a living and putting food on the table instead of studying, leaving education as the second option. Motivated by a desire to make a difference, she has dedicated a portion of our company's earnings to support the Mangyan tribe in Oriental Mindoro, providing them with access to education and a chance for a brighter future.
By investing in the education of these children today, we are not only shaping their lives positively but also empowering them to give back to their communities in the future. With every purchase you make from our brand, we can make a meaningful impact and pave the way for a better tomorrow for these deserving young minds.